Lifestyle in Middle East

Lifestyle in Middle East
Middle East is a geographical region which encompases some countries in western Asia, Turkey(Europeon part also) and a part of North Africa. There are around 18 countries which lies in this region. The most populated countries in this zone are Egypt, Turkey and Iran whereas the Gulf states of Bahrain and Qatar are least populated. Saudia Arabia is the largest country on the basis of area but relatively less commuted.
Lifestyle and living in the Middle East:
Lifestyle is a term used for describing the way of living of a society or community. It comprises of multiple factors and characteristics. It is the choice, behaviour, attitudes, moral values and economic values of a person group of people.
Middle East is a vast area and there lies different ethnic and cultural groups. There are three main ethnic groups Arabs, Turks and Iranian (Persian). The living standard of residents of middle east is evolved over time. The elements of lifestyle of the habitants of this region is detailed below.
Tradition & Culture:
Many parts of this territory are in existence from ancient times and hence the cultural and traditional values are evolved over the span of centuries. There are many languages spoken in the MiddleEast. Main three languages are Arabic, Turkish and Persian. Most of the societies are family oriented and have strong bonding with family and friends. There is a trend of having large extended family. The dress code is traditional and women are supposed to fully cover themselves. However, now you can see many people in westren outfits.
The oil rich countries are now become developed and has huge infrastructure build up. There are constructed sky high buildings and modernized architectures. The common middle class are residing in apartments and small houses. High officials and kings heirs and family are the tenants of huge palaces. There are still some tribal areas in the deserts of the Middle East where people live in mud brick houses.
This area is the place where three main religions were introduced and grown. These religions share many common beliefs and worship one God that is Allah. Religion has great impact in their lifestyle. Their is a common practice of shutting all business at the time of prayers. Most countries have a different weekend. There is weekend on Friday and Saturday. Religion also plays a vital role in determining their political and economic affairs.
Transport system is also developed by the passage of time. In urban neighbourhood, public transport is easily accessible by inhabitants. There is also a new transport system are introduced by marketing companies like careem and swvl. Being oil producing countries, fuel prices over there are comparatively low. Although in rural areas of desert, camels are still used as a medium of transport.

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